How is business going?

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How is business going?

It is now fall, kids are back in school and most of the year is gone.

It is time celebrate or make some changes in your business and your life?

Fall is always a good time to look at where our business is and what we want to accomplish before this year ends.  It is a great time to reflect on what actions we can implement to make changes as the New Year approaches. 

Most of my years as an entrepreneur I have always been very busy the last quarter of the year.

Due to so many changes economically here in this country, I have had many conversations with business owners about our changing times.

I do think there is a lot to be grateful for and I want to not only think of finishing off this year strong and also to look back with gratitude.  Many people are suffering and complaining.  I am choosing to look at the glass 1/2 full and find my silver lining.  Our family, like many others has had our share of income loss. 

However, we are looking at what we have to be grateful for instead of what we don’t have.  I am blessed to have a place for now to call home, food in the refrigerator and clothes on my back.  I am healthy; I have a wonderful husband and a loving family.

We never know how much time we have on this earth and I am learning more and more each day to be living each moment.  As we focus on God and look for ways to glorify him, our needs will be met as he has promised.  Today I am grateful and feel rich in my spirit!

What can you be grateful for?

Professionalism – What is it?

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I know several things come to mind when I look at a business to evaluate their professionalism.  Also I look at it through the eyes of what I would want others to see as they examined me for my professionalism. 

I strive to achieve these things on a regular consistent basis.  Although I know that no one is perfect, I believe we should have a standard to strive to become with regards to professionalism.  I know I am not perfect but I place a high value on these things and I believe they are all characteristics I hope people see in me more often than not.

To be professional is to:

1)      Always be on time for any appointment.

2)      Let your yes be yes and no be no.

3)      Don’t over promise.

4)      If you make a mistake, own it and if possible fix it.

5)      If you don’t know, say you don’t know and find out.

6)      Don’t compromise your value system.

7)      Be open to suggestions to improve your level of expertise.

8)      Dress appropriately for each specific occasion.

9)      When you make a commitment, let it be a priority on your calendar.

10)   We all have things that we need to work on.  I call these opportunities for growth. 

How do you compare to these characteristics of professionalism?

What are your opportunities for growth?

Staying positive when the doors are not opening

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Times are tough economically speaking right now in our country.  A bunch of small business owners are working harder for less money.  When I have those days where I feel like I am doing all I can do but there doesn’t seem to be any open doors, I have to turn to my faith and see what God’s word says.  Matt 7: 7.  We are promised if we keep seeking the doors will be opened. 
When I first started my business I did a lot of door knocking and eventually the doors would open.  During this time in my life I have grown to understand how important it is to keep fostering those relationships, take an interest in what others need and focus on what I can do to give.  As I knock, then look to give, I find I am provided for and my business grows.  When we sacrifice for others to give, plan our work and are grateful, we gain so much more than money.
It seems to me if you put forth your efforts, eventually your reward will come.  Staying positive in the meantime is the hard part.  That is where my faith grows and keeps me counting my blessings.
As we enter into the last few months of this year, I hope you will count your blessings and look for opportunities to grow.

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Happiness in times of despair

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With my meetings, networking and even visiting with friends there is an obvious common theme….fear, worry and being anxious. So many of us have been challenged with accepting many unwanted changes. Most of those changes are due to financial loss.
Especially at these times we need to look at the glass ½ full as I would say. Do we have people who love us? Do we have a bed to sleep in? Do we have food in the refrigerator today? Do we have friends we can call upon? Most of us would answer yes to these questions yet we let fear and worry get in our way.
I believe this is a time God can allow all of us to re-focus on what is the most important things to us in our lives. First for me is my relationship with God. No one will take that away. Second is my family. I cherish them and I want to use this time to make memories that will endure my life. Friends, I am blessed with many and I am truly grateful for all of these relationships.
God promises he will take care of us, Matt 6:25-33. I think we all know this we just get hung up on how he will do it. We just need to trust that he will and we are to be grateful for whatever his provision is for each day. My husband keeps me focused because I am the one who usually worries. He says we are to only ask for our daily bread.
So what can we do to turn around our worry and despair? Well I know for me I am always looking for someone else to help. I know in the times I get most worried, if I turn my focus outward and look to others who are less fortunate and help them in any way possible, I find more peace and happiness in my life. I hope we can all learn to find our blessings and look outside of our circumstances to help others. Let strive to make a difference in others lives and let God make a difference in our own.

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Adding a new direction

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Hi All, I have been a bit absent due to so much going on with my business.  Besides working with small business owners and helping them enhance their business, I am speaking to women’s groups.

My focus would be to talk to any woman’s business group and also I am talking at Christian Women’s events and retreats. 

I would love all of you to check out my new website and please give me your thoughts.

By for now.  I will continue to update you in the near future. 


Is there a specific method to networking?

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I have a ton of experience networking due to my long history as an entrepreneur.

However, I sat in on a class last night given to people who are unemployed.  It brought new meaning to the term networking. 

We as business owners know it is an essential part of what we do on a regular basis but for those who are not employed, this is a very different way to look for employment. 

As I sat in the class, I became aware of how confusing this topic could be especially for those who have never done it or even new business owners who are finding their way through these new economic challenging times. 

I have learned the correct methods to networking and I want to share those with you.  I believe most of us think we know what it is all about but I am here to tell you that it goes deeper than just handing out a business card. 

I am a relationship mentor because whether you are employed, unemployed or a business owner these skills can really open up the doors to what you want to achieve.  I also believe these skills transcend in to personal relationships as well.

Due to the relationshipsI have created an introductory package which will share with you some of my best relationships from my years of networking.  I have asked some of those entrepreneurs that I know and trust to offer up time to educate us all.  I have a great line up for anyone interested.  This program will be launching soon so keep watching to find out more. 

If you or anyone you know is interested in 3 specific networking strategies, I will give it to them FREE.  All you need to do is contact me at and I will get that report  out to you promptly. 

Stay tuned for more nuggets you can use in you life and your business.  Make it a great day!

Relationship Marketing and Selling for the new year

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Gosh, here it is December already.  Do the years fly by for you?  They really do for me.  I have spent 17 years as an entrepreneur and I grow each and every year.  I have to contribute much of my success to developing relationships with other entrepreneurs and creating a great network of business associates.  Fortunately I have many contacts that I can call upon for services I need or resources to share with others.  It is great to have a network of professionals that work with the same business ethics that I do and I can comfortably refer to them.  I love to teach others about all the many things I have learned through the years as a business owner especially with regards to creating the business relationships that will generate leads for a lifetime. 

I have decided that we all could use a break on our business expenses as we go in to 2010.  Because of that I will be launching some very affordable programs in the new year that will help you and meet your budget too!  Look for information on the lauching of these programs in early January.

Now I want to say to all of you to have a Merry Christmas.  Please forgive me if I have offended anyone because I don’t use the term “Happy Holidays”.  To me as a christian, I want to thank God for sending his son to die for us and for that I will celebrate the birth of Jesus.  I love to give so this time is a fun time for me. 

May all of you find peace, joy and create beautiful memories this Christmas. 

Looking forward to much success in 2010.

Joy Klepac

P.S.  If you need assistance in goal setting, check out my book Your Goal Setting Guide Book at under products.

7 Strategies for Great Customer Service

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Word of Mouth Marketing

  • Customers come to you
  • They are pre-sold
  • They tend to be loyal
  • They stick around longer

  Elements of Great Customer Service

 Operate With Integrity At All Times

Don’t cut corners on integrity issues, even if you think everyone else is doing it.  Act like you are being watched at all times.  Hire employees with integrity and make sure they understand it is an overriding company philosophy.

 Know Your Customer

By knowing your customer and understanding their business, the odds are good that you will uncover the things that are truly important to them.

 Listen To You Customer

Resist the urge to jump in with a sales pitch or solution until you have had the chance to truly listen to your customer.

If You Mess Up, Fess Up

Never blame someone else for your mistake or make excuses when you do not perform up to expectations.  Accept the blame and fix the problem promptly.

 Under-Promise, Over-Deliver

Always give something a little extra – go above and beyond to exceed your customer’s expectations.

 Keep Your Word

As hard as it can be sometimes, you must always deliver on what you promised, even if it means that a deal may not be profitable.  If you say you are going to be there at a certain time, make sure you are.

 Find Ways to Add Value to Your Products and Services

Competitive advantages don’t last long.  You need to find ways to add value to your offerings to stay ahead of the competition.  Never rest on your laurels!

 Copyright @ April 2009 Written by:  Joy Klepac, Author, Speaker and Business Consultant   916-746-7878

Free gifts at,  or

Who is Joy and what is she passionate about

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I have so many things I could write in this blog post but I often struggle talking about me.  I love to help people and hear about them.  I am a good listener and it is most difficult for me to share my thoughts with others.

So this is a bit of an attempt for me to share some info with you.  I have a long journey and have written my story.  You can find it on my website under products.  It is called The Diamond Mind, Transforming your dreams into lifelong success.

I started my business 17 years ago in 1992.  I started my sales career 25 years ago and due to my passion to be a mom and develop a work schedule during school hours, I started my business 8 years later.  It has been a journey involving all kinds of experiences and too many to write here.

I seem to have been able to achieve most everything I wanted to accomplish with one exception.  My weight has continue to climb year after year.  I will start again on a new journey with my focus on this challenge this year for yet another time.  I have struggled since I was 8 years old and I could not wear a two piece bathing suit even at that age.  So this is not a new journey.  Quite the contrary howvever it seems like all the other areas of my life I have been able to overcvome my challenges.  This year I am focusing again on this challlenge and I hope it will be the last time I make this effort.  I am praying for my success and hope I can overcome this lifelong challenge. 

Anyone out there who can relate, I would cherish your prayers and your positive feedback.  Today is a good day and I will report occasionally as I walk this path to a new me on the outside.  Thanks for getting to know a bit about me.

Great Minds Think Alike

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I had the pleasure of being at a writers workshop on Saturday Sept 19, 2009.  I always enjoy being in a room full of fabulous people.  There were three presenters that did a great job.  First was Jen Bourn of She is a very savvy business woman and has a great talent for web design and all aspects of online marketing.  She gave an awesome presentation.  Additionally Stephanie Chandler of gave a presentation with many tips from publishing your book to marketing your book.  She really knows her stuff.  Anyone thinking of writing a book needs to seek her out and do business with Stephanie.  Jerry Kennedy gave us great ideas about selling and motovation .

This event was hosted by Bill Walker at  They gave all of us writers and want to be authors lots of good information on the process of writing to publishing to marketing our books.  Several great authors served on the panel for the Q & A. Two of them were Rick Cooper from and Joel Canfield from both authors with experience and wisdom to share.

Along with all the great content I saw several of my friends who are successful business women.  Karen Keeney with http://www.karenlkeeney.coma women’s business coach, Sue Canfield with one of the great virtual assistants around.  I got to spend some time with two of the best organizers you will find, Natalie Conrad from and Kelli Wilson from

Then I bumped in to my friend Rebecca Johnson who helps us all find fabulous events.  She runs the companyGet networking Now.  You can find her and tons of events at

What a great room of people to be a  part of and develope those relationships.  I am blessed to know these people and call them my friends.  Please check out their websites and know you will get quality experience and professionalism whith each one of them.  It is a wonderful thing to have so many great minds around me in my circle of friends.  I am blessed!

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